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    Can't connect to facebook because pressing 1 won't go to @ and bad mediaplayer

    I have bought (2 days ago) a 42PFK6109/12.

    CHoosing smart-tv and facebook-app I have to input my user-name.
    In the username is a @ sign.

    This sign cannot be selected, it should be under the 1 (as ?!@) but pressing 1 several times only gives me 1111.
    2 works (abc) and 3 (def) etc, but not the 1.

    Then I thought, maybe it will help to install myremote app on my tablet.
    Then I will probably have a keyboard to put in the letters and signs. But WRONG this also wants to insert letters by the same useless pressing 1/2/3/4 etc. And, indeed, pressing 1 multiple times gives 1111 and not @.

    What is the problem here?

    So :

    1. Why can I not select @ ?
    2. Why does the remote app not provide keyboard input ?

    Then there is the mediaplayer.
    I previously used a external one (via component, but on this tv component is used for out WII) and we thought to use this mediaplayer.
    But attaching the harddisk to the usb, we can indeed watch movies but we cannot select anything (subtitles f.i.) in the dvd-menu's. We mainly have dvd5 format (.vob files). And via the option button we cannot select subtitles (we can but it will not work) either.
    And the transfer between vob files takes about 1-2 seconds (black screen seeing it load). Really ????

    What is the problem with this mediaplayer?


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    to use facebook you must create some kind of new Profile.
    So start the Facebook app and create a new profile.
    You will get a Link to open on a PC, there you can create a username and a Password (both will not contain any special characters)

    Withz this Data you can now login to Facebook on your TV.

    You cant use your Email Adress and Password like u use it on your PC in the Facebook App.

    you said it already, those are vob files.
    The TV can play back the Video from this Files as they are "only" MPEG2.
    However, to use vob Files correctly you need to have the DVD Info (.ifo) and this is a Format the TV can not handle.

    If you have a lot of this Files you have 2 Options:
    Buy another Mediaplayer which can handle Video_TS Folders correctly or encode the Files to... a mkv Container.

    [many different Devices]-[many different Versions]-[Astra19,2°E/Cable Germany]-[50Mbit DSL]
    FAQ's, Tipps und Tricks etc

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