I bought the 4K philips TV 49PUS7809/12 a few weeks ago, together with a HUE starter kit. I installed the software upgrade a few days ago (V. The problem is that the HUE lights stop changing colours after 1 hour / 1hour 30 and, consequently, I cannot do anything with the tv remote controls . If I want to solve the problem, I have to unplug the tv from the mains, plug it again and get the hue system working again after +/- 45 seconds. What can I do to avoid the HUE system from stopping after a while and from blocking the remote controls ?

Another problem : the scart connection seems to get a no-wanted priority : when the tv is used with a HDMI connection, is put on standby and on again, the connection is on SCART and not on HUE as it should be . What's up ???