- Sound and image out of sync
When I use the speakers on my TV (Philips 46" 9705) and the 7500 is connected through a HDMI cabel, the image and sound is in sync. But when I have the 7500 connected to a Hegel HD10 DAC (thorugh SPDIF) that is again connected to an amplifier, the sound is before the image.

- Auto startup
I hate that when I turn the player on, it autostarts the disc. It should be an option if I would like this to happen.

- Icon not working
If I for example playing Xbox and then turn on the bluray-player. I get an icon in my "home menu" on my TV (Philips 46" 9705), that says "play current disc". When i press this the TV switch to the HDMI channel where my bluray player is connected, and then the bluray player freezes. I have to cut the power to the bluray player to get it to work again.