I do believe this is not limited to the 8000 series but most BDPs. When I upgraded to SW 1.56 I could not help notice that it took almost a minute from the moment I selected Browse USB untill I could actually browse what was on the USB unit.

I recently discovered that may not bee the BDP but the USB HDD, which I changed the same day. When I tried another USB HDD it took less than three seconds before its content was available on the BPD. Could you list what USB HDDs you use and if it takes a long time for the BDP to initialize them? I hope it may help Philips get a better understanding of the issue and perhaps find out if there is anything that could be made on behalf of the BDP software to improve startup time with the "slower" drives.

WD Elements 2 TB (3.5" with external power supply) - 40-60 seconds to start with the BPD8000
LaCie Rikiki 500 GB (2.5", powered by the BDP) - 1-3 seconds to start with the BDP8000