I have this "crazy" habit, according to my brother and my friends, to read the user manual of anything I purchase.

Sometimes there are features that are not listed in the manuals or not explained to their full use.

I decided to share a couple of my accidental findings with the BDP8000, and I invite anyone here to do the same, regardless of any Blu-Ray player model you use.

During disc playback if the user wants to get info for remaining time, chapter, etc., he or she must press the options key in the remote and scroll down to the Info tag.

It so happens that when playing a DVD or some BD-V the user can press "Ok" in the remote and get the same info. With some Blu-Ray discs this does not work, and I believe it is due to some BD-Java code or key inhibition loaded in the player.

The BDP8000 can remember the settings and the stop point of a few of the last DVDs and some BD-V that were removed from the player. It becomes intuitive for anyone coming to that conclusion after a few disc playbacks.

The manual, however, does not mention this feature or at least I could not find any info to that effect in it. As a result, there is no indication of how many discs can be remembered after their interrupted playback.

Please note, that unlike players of other brands, there is no message on screen saying that the last position had been saved. The only clue one gets is the message for BD-V warning that the disc playback "might" start from the beginning or the messages from other discs saying to play Ok to start the disc from the beginning.

Before I purchased the BDP8000 I read comments in the Internet regarding a key sequence that the user can utilize to get more detailed info of the player hardware and software versions and settings. To get this info on screen one must press "Home" and 8520. After reading the box you can press Ok and it will go off.

The above procedure is most likely directed to those servicing the player, and it must be described in the player's service manual. It is up to the generosity of Internet users to provide us with such methods. In my case, it came in handy when I had to send my player for servicing, since it allowed me to write down the hardware details of what was within.

Please feel free to post the findings of your player. You never know if they will be useful for another user!