I just tested the iPhone App "MyRemote" version 1.1.2, which just got updated, with 42PFL7695K/02 firmware

I had now images on the iPhone 4 and I had started the remote app, then copied two images on the pc in the sync folder and started sync with iTunes.

Afterwards, the images were shown on the iPhone with the standard app to watch images. In the remote app slideshow tab, the images did not show up. I returned to iPhone main menu and relaunched the app, but images were not shown in slideshow tab.

After restarting the iPhone completly and restarting the remote app, I could see the pictures and watch them perfectly on TV.

Seems that there might be a bug with not getting notified after iTunes sync to reload the image folders.

Thanks for looking into it, this is a really nice feature!

As a wish, I would also like to show videos on the TV.