I bought this BDP just over a week ago, and updated to firmware level 1.53 that got me a nice Net TV button on my menu.
However since then I have not managed to access it. So far Philips support have not managed to give me any answers to the problem.
I registered for Club Philips through the BDP, so the internet connection from there must be OK.
I see the screen saying that I have been sent and e-mail and to follow the instructions in that.
If I do that and click on "OK" I then get to a page saying "Thank you for registering with Club Philips..."
The only button available is "OK". I click on that and it takes me back to the "Thank you for registering with Club Philips" page.
Each time I click OK it takes me back there.

I tried reflashing the firmware: No change.

I tried changing my Net TV country setting to "International", and clearing my Net TV memory, then putting in my e-mail address again on the BDP Net TV registration page, clicking OK, getting to the "Your Club Philips registration has not yet completed" (Because I haven't done anything with the new e-mail I was sent). If I power off the BDP at that screen, power back on, and try again, *occasionally* I have managed to get a little further: twice to the Net TV screen showing the icons for "App Gallery" "Youtube" etc, but I cannot access any of them: If I try I just get the swishing progress bars at the bottom of the screen for a while, but it never enters any app.

I don't know if this is a problem with my BDP, or my Club Philps registration, or anything else!

Any help would be much appreciated.