I hope this is the appropriate thread. If not, you may place it in the right section.
My problem is the following:
I am using a Philips 40PFL5605K/2 LCD-TV that is connected with an SWV3566 Coax-Cable (Sound) and an Amazon HDMI-Cable (picture) to a Philips 5200/12 2.1 sound-system.
(Two cables, because the sound-system has no ARC)
I watch TV with the integrated satellite receiver of the TV and normally everything works fine. But when I change from “normal stereo” to an alternative audio-source of some TV-stations which is Dolby Digital or 5.1., the problem starts to begin. The 5200/12 simply doesn’t play the sound. It starts quite normally, than it goes bad (e.g. funny voices and terrible other sounds) and after about 5 seconds it finally stops completely. If I switch back to the integrated speakers of the TV, the Dolby/5.1 sound is ok. The only way to get sound from the 5200/12 again is to switch back to a stereo-source.
I reported the whole issue and my problems to the German-Phillips-Support, they checked the firmware versions of both devices (of course I had the newest ones) and had a look on my 5200/12 in their service center, said that it’s all ok and send it back to me. But as expected the problem remains.
Of course I already tried some things on my own too. New cables, complete reset of both devices and so one. I even checked the sound-system and Coax-cable with a LG Blu-ray-player and the sound was just fine.
I now hope that some of you may have an idea. Thanks in advance!