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    32PFL9604H (firmware unstable with CI+)


    I experience a lot of very annoying issues on my 32PFL9604H (firmware version / release: 2010-07-15) in combination with my CI+ card/module (Cablecom/UPC Switzerland):
    • CI+ card/module (i.e. hardware) is sometimes not detected by the TV set at startup (reboot required)
    • "VerschlŁsseltes Programm" (encrypted program) is shown very often and randomly either on all TV channels or at least on some of them (after startup or during runtime / reboot required)
    • Extremely slow re-arrangement of TV channels
    • Slow menu navigation
    • Startup of the TV set is very slow (takes approx. 1 min.)

    In some forums, user complain about the same problems with that firmware especially in combination with the CI+ card/module from Cablecom/UPC. Without the card/module the above issues don't occur. Replacing the card/module didn't solve the problems.

    Furthermore there are the following issues:
    • IP-EPG: The clock that shows the current time is missing (only today's date and day is available)
    • IP-EPG: TV-preview (in the left upper corner, above the advertisment) is missing and there is no sound
    • Program/channel guide (INFO button): Slow information update in program/channel guide: Clock remains on 02:00-02:01 and there is no text available for approx. 10s.
    • Program/channel guide (INFO button): No vertical navigation available in program guide. Text is cut after three lines and has three points at the end of the last line.
    • Pop-up bar with program/channel information at the upper screen area (the one that is displayed every time the channel is switched) is sometimes empty (i.e. clock remains on 02:00-02:01 and there's no text).

    Philips, please release a firmware that fixes these issues! The firmware is already one year old!

    Thank you.
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