Can anyone advise me on how to fix a picture drop out issue on the BDP3000 blu ray player. The connection cuts out every 20 minutes or so, the tv cant find a signal for a second or two but the blu-ray/dvd continues playing and then the connection re-establishes itself.

I've tested various HMDI leads and the same thing happens with each, even though they work perfectly with other devices. I also know the Samsung TV isnt at fault as we have had that taken away for repair.

I've been told that it is a power issue coming from the BDP3000 and that is what is making the connection drop out like it does.

There is a lot of talk about this problem on internet forums so I'm not alone in having this. Has there been a firmware update to solve the problem or do Philips need to take the player for repair? It is still in warranty and I just need advice on how to proceed as the player is most definitely at fault.