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    Open internet flash support

    Dear All,

    I have had a look at some TV that is out recently.The TV has open internet access as Philips tv's have. However TV has open internet function with flash support. Which means you can go on youtube web and run videos like computers.
    NO need to connect to any server. It runs like usual computer. As a result you can stream any videos embedded on any web sites which philips has failed to provide so far.
    So that means it is possible for a TV to run ordinary web sites with flash support. So Philips could offer the same.

    Philips just announced 2011 models that barely has difference from 2010 models only differenceI can see is PVR function which some 2010 model TV's already has. So I don't take as an innovation.
    PVR.. How sad is that?

    Other brand has built in satallite receiver, Skypee with webcam support, 2D/3D conversation, Open internet with flash support and lots of programs.

    In short;

    Philips, you have to work hard to deserve at least to maintain existing market share. These forums are read by thousands of people. I would have gone for other brand If I had to buy a TV.

    - Philips has to have proper open internet feature with flash or what ever required to run ordinary web sites.(Without having to connect Philips server because server sucks very slow..)
    - Built-in Tuner
    - 2D/3D conversation feature
    - Skype support
    - PVR Function

    Those I mentioned is must. You can't get away with them. Your competitor offers much better TV's.
    Philips still doesn't have integrated 3D. That is so sad. You still have to have extra dongle for 3d and Wi-Fi connection in many models.
    When you go to a shop, sales people usually take you to what they like the most and they take pleasure demonstrating different features that they are impressed already. Philips has nothing different than others. They didn't event change the displays for new models.
    Unfortunately Philips didn't get much attention and unfortunately outdated. Far from catching up its competitors.
    That is honest comment I hope Philips takes it seriously.
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