Just bought 42PFL8404 (on sale) and the picture is too dark and yet too dynamic

In fact the contrast is far too dynamic in some area (persons face ranges from brilliant white spotlight on forehead all the way though to total blackness under their chin) and in other ways not enough contrast (in the areas of sheer blackness you can not even see where hair ends and neck begins - my wife complained straight away that the picture seems too dark and can i just brighten it up but i struggled

sometimes the corner on screen graphic (showing the channel) virtually disappears in the darkness

Trouble is philips have redefined the meaning of contrast & brightness

'Contrast' = the difference between light/dark, but that's not what the Philips setting controls - dont actually see what it controls but a bit disconcerting that it's already 'maxxed out' on most the presets

Brightness = lightening the picture - Philips just makes the picture 'milky' (adds white over the top)

I have now even switched of dynamic contrast all together and few other bells and whistles and the picture is starting to look a lot better (i can now see the channel DOGS)

I wondering whether anyone fancies posting their preferred picture settings so that i can experiment a bit more