I purchased the brandnew BDP5200 a few weeks ago. Overall: a fine product!

Here is my problem:
I have an archive of several DVD movies on my hard disk.
these backups were made using x.264 / mkvmerge and contain several audio streams as well as several subtitles (mostly english and german).
Subtitles were ripped to idx/sub files.

When I try to select the subtitle of a running movie, I get the full selection.
But: selecting any entry always results in the same subtitle beeing displayed, which ever I choose. (e.g. choosing english or german always displays the german subtitle)
I have not yet evaluated if it is alway the first listed subtitle stream that is displayed or whatever rule applies here.

another bug:
selection of audio stream seems to work correctly. However, in the list of audio streams these are sometimes named correctly, sometimes show no name at all (names are empty strings)