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I have all the network parameters manually configured on my TV and never have problems.
The router has an IP range that it assigns for DHCP, for instance in my case to
My router's IP is and network mask:
I've configured the TV outside the DHCP range: IP -
The gateway is the IP of the router and the two DNS addresses (DNS1 and DNS2) are also the router's IP.
Works fine, always.
Also seems to be faster, no need to obtain an IP.
I always prefer manual configurations.

So, let's translate this to your situation.
Your router is
Try this on your TV, I hope your router has a DHCP range and this IP for the TV is outside.

Manual configuration on your TV:
adresse IP :
Masque de réseau :
Passerelle =
DNS1 =
DNS2 =

Bonne chance
difference is that you would get an IP Address if you choose auto IP on the TV and pascal did not.