Dear Philips,

in a HIFI shop we want to test the new 9000 series (32PFL9606K/02). The series includes 3D Max (active 3D) and also the 3d sensor is integrated. We installed the latest firmware (10.94.1) to be up-to-date. However, as we see in the CSM the 3D dongle software isn't included. So we have a 3D-TV - but no firmware which supports the 3D function.

Why is such a model on the market? Or when can we expect a 3D firmware?

From my point of view, this is really chaotic... how should customes react? They would like to buy such TV but the salesman can only say "yeah it's a good tv, but the software isn't ready for 3D"... The customer will buy another TV from a different company... :-(

So maybe you can announce a timeline for a 3D capable firmware...