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    Smart TV or NET TV connection

    It seems that the TV's are loosing connection with the Philips Server because of some registration issue. I have two Philips TV's at home, and with both I had to register them again within a week.
    After looking into several forum discussions which were not covering for 100% my problem I decided to do the following:

    1. Clear the NET TV memory (you find it under Setup--->Network settings.
    2. Go back to normal TV screen
    3. Switch off with the remote control
    4. Pull the electricity cable out of the wallsocket (yes, I know it sounds stupid, but it worked with me)
    5. Wait a few minutes before putting the cable back into the wallsocket
    6. After the Philips logo has appeared and disappeard wait a minute
    7. Switch on the TV with the remote control
    8. Wait five minutes
    9. Go to SMART TV or NET TV.
    10. The TV will ask for a registration, follow the instructions on the TV and in the e-mail which will be sent. After that it's working again.

    I have the feeling that Philips is loosing/deleting the credentials, or that they want us the register the TV once a year to check if the account is still being used.

    Maybe it will help others with the same issue


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    Normally the Club Philips registration should be done only once.
    Resets performed in the TV can erase your Club Philips registration.
    This is done on purpose; you might want to erase your registration when you want to pass-on the TV to someone else.

    In 2009 & 2010 TV’s the “Clear Net TV memory” command will erase your registration.
    In 2011 TV’s it is called “Clear Apps Memory”

    We adapted this reset command in 2012 TV’s (from 6000 range and above) there we call it “Clear internet memory” and it will only delete the cookies from the TV’s internal memory. Club Philips registration remains.

    After Club Philips registration is completed, the TV sets a flag indicating that the Club Philips registration was done.

    When you turn on the TV and you immediately activate the SmartTV feature, in some rare cases, the registration flag might not yet be noticed. This might cause the registration page to pop-up again.

    The “Reinstall” command will always erase the Club Philips registration.

    Always complete the registration cycle (click the link in the e-mail that is set to the mail-address that you entered on the TV), or choose “do not register” otherwise the TV will keep asking to complete the registration.
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    In another topic I explain that my tv isn't connecting with NetTV:
    Can't connect with NetTV
    I tried every thing, even the steps b.kuyper explains.

    I never got to the point were I could do the regisration...what am I doing wrong?

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