Hello Mod,

We are IT developers at GrandIT s.r.o. based in Czech Republic.

We are very much interested in Hbbtv technologies and Hbb Apps and Desing.

But there is quite a problem these days to get hold of complete information on which TVs support what.

And often the only information we have on what TV our users have comes from UserAgent of said devices.

For example, like this one:

HbbTV/1.2.1 (;Philips;MT5880;; ANTGalio/


HbbTV/1.2.1 (;Philips;MT5580;PhilipsTV, 4.1.1; ANTGalio/

but there is a lot of information missing, like what model is this.

Is there a list of released models supporting hbbtv with their correspoding UserAgent identification like "MT5880" or "MT5580"

or can you make one ? and make it sticky ?

I get that the number is chipset series id or something alike, but we would like to know what models have that so we can buy them for testing.

Win, win, i say.

Thank you for you time,

Petr Kokoška
GrandIT s.r.o.