Hello again everyone!

For one of the two New Bugs I mentioned in the opening post of this thread:

The problem is that around two times an evening, at high contrast borders in the picture (in dark/black regions next to brighter objects), I see some white pixels flashing.
These flashes are just that: very short flashes. They are not confined to certain areas on the screen, they are confined to these, as I called them, high contrast border regions. When they happen once, they will happen a number of times after that: around five to ten times, 3-15 seconds apart. And then they're gone again for a number of hours.

This has been confirmed by a couple of other people around the web, with different sizes of the PFL9705 and with different firmware versions. Some say the "Clear LCD" setting seems to effect this bug.

I finally have been able to catch it on camera, so you can see it for yourself... in case you didn't notice it in person yet:
Flashes.MP4 - 4.2 MB

So Philips!?... Now that it's out there, I really hope you will be able to solve this... and those few other New and Old Bugs in the opening post of course!...

Thanks again in advance!