This post describes the use of BDP 5100 with DLNA.

My DLNA configuration is a BDP 5100 (V 1.53) with 2 WD My Book World Edition disks (NAS) running Twonky 5.1.9. I have 30000 mp3 files and some films and photos.


With the exception of some mkv formats, everything can be played


The user interface is complete rubbish. It is impossible to navigate through the songs. First the remote is very sluggish in its reaction time, and second you have to click through endless lists. To find a certain song you have to click in average about 50 times.
The only reasonable alternative would be to navigate through folders. In this way, unfortunately, Twonky presents songs in alphabetic sequence of ID3 tags, so you cannot play an album in correct sequence.

When playings songs, then embedded cover art is only displayed if it is less than 60kb in size.

When playing songs, then for first song played there is diplayed song title, artist and album. When player skips to next title then it won't display this info any more, to see this info you have to press Pause and then Play again.

When playing playlists, then only title of song is displayed, even when playlist contains much more info. (Twonky problem)

Subitles for films don't work at all.

Displaying fotos with keywords gives only patial list, Say you have 1000 fotos with keyword "Kevin", then only about 300 will be displayed.

Sometimes the player became blocked (even when I had disabled Screen Saver). Only physical Power off helped. I shall try to disable Easy Link too.


If you have more than a couple of hundred files to play then DLNA is too frustrating. Don't buy such a player because of DLNA feature. Simple folder navigation with Windows shares is much better.