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Dear Philips,

we customers have wish for a special feature which is also implemented in 3D-TVs from other brands.


We like to have an option to switch the sides in the "side-by-side" 3D mode. Some 3D content is not created in the right way and we need a functionality for correcting this.


Just add a function in the 3D menu (and of course switch the images)
  • Side-by-Side (Left/Right)
  • Side-by-Side (Right/Left)


Dear readers, what do you think about it? I think this would be a great enhancement!


I agree it would be great,
An addition to control the depth - ghosting would be nice as well,
Not all 3D content is the same,
Lacking the control of 3D depth makes our tv to react exactly the same way when it should not because of the differences of the 3D content. The outcome may be variable ghosting,
Please add some control here,