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I was reading Toengels Blog

And noticed the post of Jeroen 87
This makes everything a lot clearer.
Especially the powerpoint presentation thats posted.
I have been looking for this information for a while, thanks elroy.
I never even considered the thought that this TV could not support 2560x1080.

I have a really powerful laptop, built it myself with all the latest components from Intel/nVidia. I thought getting the resolution to work on the laptop would have been the main problem that I would come across.

Turns out the TV does not even support the resolution but encodes Full HD to 2560x1080 format.

This means that the TV is only useful for Movies and Full HD videos. This is still pretty awesome, you do get the film on the entire screen.
I was hoping to try gaming in 2560x1080, that would have been awesome as well.

I created a custom 2560x1080 profile as well, it works on the TV screen but the screen only shows 1920x1080 of it, I was expecting the 'unscaled' to show the full laptop screen as is. Strange thing is the TV does support the resolution but does not have a Picture Format to show it.

Is there no way that Philips could update the software to allow viewing of 2560x1080 format from a computer, for example if a resolution above 1920x1080 is sent to the TV then the TV allows it to continue op the multi-screen option? 2x 1920x1080 beside each other. Please it will make my day, week, year and life