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I can confirm this. Seems to be a bug. But as I was told on the local Philips Support Hotline, this is something for the content provider.
The thing is, Net TV is a portal. The "apps" run in the portal. It is extremely likely that the Philips portal is responsible for storing credential info of Philips customers which are then used to access services provided by 3rd parties (ie YouTube). If that doesn't work, then there is nothing YouTube can do to fix it.

In the end, I don't really care who is at fault. I just want the problem fixed, so that I get what I paid for. I didn't pay YouTube for anything, but I did pay Philips for something. So ... the way I see it, Philips has a responsibility to their customers to do what they need to to fix the problem. This may mean that the Net TV product or development manager, needs to put down his/her coffee cup, pick up a phone, and contact YouTube. Is this really to much to ask of Philips? I don't think so.