Philips NetTV support suggested I post my Youtube problems on this here goes.
I've been trying to watch some old episodes of 'Sons & daughters' (Aussie soap from the 80s - sad I know).
Firstly I added these episodes as a playlist on my PC to make loading simpler on NetTV (given the lack of a keyboard). I could not, however, load my playlist on the TV. Tried again, putting the files in 'favourites' and this worked fine.
The main issue is that the content often cuts out after a few minutes - the screen going blank. The only option at this point is to restart the playback from the start but usually with the same result..
I am connected wirelessly via Sky broadband with a speed of 3.5 - 4 mbps. Philips support say there shouldn't be a problem and are going to investigate.
Just wondering if anyone else is having similar issues?
What they did put me on to is TVERSITY Media server, so I'm now downloading the Youtube content to my PC and using the DLNA feature on the TV to watch the file direct from my PC. Brilliant, but a pity that NetTV can't cope with simple Youtube playback.