Hi all,

I have problem with sound drop on my Soundbar device. My LCD TV doesn't support easylink (altough it is in Setup menu and it is turned on) and I don't know what do to here. On both devices I have the newest firmware. When I do than audio scan on my Soundbar it offer me everything except Easylink.

And also I can't find out what would be best connection between LCD TV, Soundbar and Set Top Box ScenGate 8000 (Albis technologies). Between STB and TV I must have HDMI cable because via SCART picture is to bad. So now I need best possible connection for all 3 devices.

At the moment I have audio (chinch) cables connected from Soundbar to STB. But as I said i have hugh sound drop issue. First few months everything was workin fine but now sound drops after 5, 10 or even 30 minutes. But it drops every time for sure.

Any ideas?