It is not poosible to get a connection between my 37PFL7605H/12 and the my Remote App on my HTC Phone.

TV 37PFL7605H/12 with NetTV

Wireless USB-Adapter for Philips TV* PTA01/00
HTC Desire Handy

First of all the activation of the Smart TV (joinspace) is not working and the procedure is inaceptable. (Why isn't the an option in the configuration menue?)

So the App dosn't find the TV.

Can u give me a step by step procedure how to handle this.

Is the problem that i hve no TV channels installed? (Im looking TV only by the other device option)
or is WIFI USB Adapter the Problem? Must I install the TV by ethernet? (I#ve testetd all and nothing works, but i reed that ohter people had success, so what can I do?

kind regards Michael Voth