I just received my Philips NP 3900 and soundwise I'm quite satisfied. I want to use it primary as an alarm clock wking me with my MP3 collection.

Is there any chance to add more than 1 alarm? My wife and I have different wakeup times each day and it is quite cumbersome to switch alarms. Currently I have to:
- stop the music
- click alarm menu
- click ok twice for music (possible to switch off those annoying messageboxes?)
- change the time
- click ok to select only once (I would really like to select only weekdays, but this results in more ok-clicking for annoying messageboxes)
- go to sleep again

Please implement a way to quickly switch alarms. Even my mobile phone is more flexible.

Another problem which results in a lot of unneccessary clicking is selecting which album I want to play. I have organized not only my music, but also pictures and videos on my Windows Home Server, all served via UPnP. When I click on Media Library, I always have to
- Select the server
- Select music
- browse the whole directory structure

Please add a way to bookmark folders as favorites. This would help a lot.

Looking forward for a new firmware ;-)