ive had this blu ray player for a little over a year (warrenty expired now) and thought it was great till now.
when i eject a disc the tray opens but the disc remains in the player, now the disc ejects far enough for me to see the edge and the theres nothing holding it in and i can sometimes in remove the disc if it ejects far enough. if i close the empty disc tray the disc falls back into the slot and plays but upon ejecting the problem repeats, this seems to scratch the disc and the first time it happened chipped the disc (stargate 50 disc set, thank god it still plays lol). anyway i was wondering if any one has experienced this or something like it?, is this common?, is there anyway to fix this?.

i dont want to have to buy a new player because of this and as always this happens a month after my warrenty expired.
any advice would be greatly appreciated,

thanks mike