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    Bring back the 2.1 Matchline Sound!

    Hi Philips Support,

    this forum has a wish list part.

    in short:

    I was and iīm a big Matchline CRT TV Fan. Not only duo to the picture quality. It was the SOUND that these TVs offers without the need for additional equipment...

    In my living room I still use a 32PW9618. This offers Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound,too. but i donīt use this very often...

    What i really miss is the sound of the subwoofer and the left & right speakers . The sub is really small (i estimate 16-18cm) but sounds outstanding... great work!

    So what i am looking for my next TV (maybe 660x series) is a Philips 2.1 960x Series Sound System like it was built in the Philips 32PW9618...

    I would prefer precision silver as colour. No glossy black please.
    I need at least 2 digital Audio in ports better 2 coaxial and one optical + 1 analog in
    Further a need an 5 band Equalizer like the 32PW9618 offers. the Philips AVR 9900 only offers 2 band.

    what i donīt need is

    - a "on screen menu"
    - a built in DVD/bluray
    - a separate power supply for the subwoofer. (if possible)

    so the engineers can concentrate on the sound quality! (quick response membranes etc.)

    Maybe Philips will create a 2 channel Matchline Sound System for all NON cinema fans, who just wants outstanding Stereo sound with the subwoofer that old Matchline Philips CRT TVīs from late 90īs and early ī00 years had.

    target price range i would recommend 500-900 EUR.

    Best regards
    a former matchline fan

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    this is a newer 6000 series TV. probably you have already read that...

    I like:
    3 HDMI connectors
    Smartphone Apps (so that i can use my iPhone keyboard)
    Energy efficient...

    seldom see a TV with chic silver in my region usually are standard glossy black...i hv 2 TVs at home...
    one of them are from Philips and one of them are from another P company... both are in glossy black...


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