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    why do philips assume were all software programers??

    I dont know about the rest of you but I though I bought a TV, for Mr Philips thats the 56PFL9954H/12 not that it says it anywhere on the TV and dont ask me were the serial number is!! Oh lets see flat screen TV mounted on teh wall? Would it be on teh back?? On a post from Phililps they suggest you can ger this by simply, yes simply typing 123456 on the remote when on the TV screen, well Mr Phiilps come do it on my set three digits in and guess what its back to the start thats how simple it is.

    My TV says its up to date but clerly is'nt as teh release date is 30/05/2010 and cant update via USB nor as I say will it do it on line. Now Im not stupid but not into computers either.
    But hay guess what I thought I bought a wide screen TV to watch movies with great picture and sound

    Now wont fault the picture but sound too would be good? at least get the basics right!!!

    Any one out there got any ideas, sure some clueless guy from Philips will be right back asing have I checked the HDMI cable or is teh sky box set to the right settings or somthing lame along those lines.

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