I tried to rent a video on the store the first time and it needed 50min for buffering until it could be started. This was too long for me. I watched it one day later.

Is it expected to take such a long time to buffer the movie?
I already described that in the thread of videociety announcement, but it might make it easier for tracking to discuss that problem in a seperate thread.

TV: 42PFL7695K/02

Cable 32MBit, wired ethernet connection. PC on the same ethernet wire showed 26MBit down performance in speed test and 990KBit in up performance.
SD card is the one from Philips. I also see this on another kingston class 4 sd card.

To test the SD card speed:
I copied a file of 590MB to the Philips SD card from local disk on a computer. It took round about 2min 15s (Windows showed that as remainning time after calculating that). Speed (as shown in the Windows 7 copy dialog) was round about 4.25 MB/s while having 4.15 MB/s in the beginning and 4.38 MB/s as a higher peak when being in the middle of the copy.

This should be a little above the spec as it is required from class 4 SD cards (4MB/s).

50mins = 50x60s = 3000s
4MB/s x 3000s = 12000MB

Assuming SD card as a weakness in the speed game would mean videociety buffers 12GB on SD card with 4GB to play a movie! We are 3 times below the SD card speed.

There must be other reasons for that performance lag. I can influence SD card, Internet connection and both are not gating.

Anyone experiencing the same?

Just check with the Werner football game and please post your experience!

Werner football game needs round about 4mins and 45s to play on my side.

Philips, what is the expectation of duration to buffer a movie, the Werner football game?