I also mentioned that here:

I still have issues with my 40PFL9705K/02 TV running Firmware and my BDP9600/12 Blu-ray Player running Firmware V1.56.

1) TV: Channel switching audio issue:
When using DVB-T in Germany, it sometimes happens, that after switching channels, no audio can be heard. Switching back and forth brings back the audio.

2) TV + Blu-ray Player: Interaction of TV with Blu-ray Player:
The interaction between 40PFL9705K wasn't good since day one.
- A major issue is, when both, TV and Player, are off and switching on the Player, the TV starts automatically. Under such circumstances, the TV sometimes forgets many settings. e.g. it completely forgets any Ambilight settings and they need to configured again from scratch. Sometimes then, it doesn't save the settings on first attempt.
- Another issue is, that the Player options do not always show in the TV settings menu. Sometimes the show up and still stay even when the Player is already switched off. This is an unpredictable behavior.

3) Blu-Live bug with Blu-ray Player:
There are still constellations when some Blu-rays do not play when a network connection is present and a Blu-ray does have the Blu-Live feature. The Blu-ray then plays once but not a second time. As a workaround it does only help to clear the disc cache and to disconnect from the internet. Enableing Bl-Live Security didn't help.