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    Dear Thomas,

    thank for all your answers.
    But some answers I do not understand:

    BUG: How to "scroll" through a zoomed EPG-Page? (see
    A: It is not possible to scroll through the zoomed Page. This is a limitation of the TV set (will not be changed).

    Request: To understand it right as the TV was designed the zoom function was programmed and written in the option menu and now you write due to a limitation of the TV set it is not possible to scroll around. If there are links at the zoomed pages i can pseudo scroll by jumping from link to link (that mean in principal it works if there are enough links in the content) but it is a limitation of the TV set and will not be changed.

    BUG: Switching between Net TV Home and OpenInternet or App store interrupts PIP-sound (see
    A: This is a limitation of the TV set (will not be changed).

    Request: At IP-EPG the PiP-Sound is not interrupted so it is not a limitation at IP-EPG but at NetTV it is?
    Experiment at my 40pfl7605h/12: Watching TV; Channel ProSieben. Press red button. Page starts up without any sound interruption although PiP displays "No TV signal available" but sound is running without any interruption . Now press browser button. Ohh have a look now I'm at NetTV home without any sound interruption and running PiP.

    BUG: Red triangle (indication of Red Button functionality) in the upper right corner of each tv channel logo in the IP-EPG is missing since Net TV portal 2.5/2.6 (see also
    A: This is a limitation of the TV set (will not be changed for 2k10 and earlier models)

    Request: The red triangle was already there at 2010 models so it was not a limitation of the TV set in past but now it is?

    Sorry to say but I feel dismissed by some answers.
    Last edited by bta; 10-05-2011 at 05:51 PM. Reason: Adding experiement due to sound interrupt and PiP.

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