Take a commercial multilingual DVD.

1/ put it into your old DVD625 PHILIPS player. Works like a charm (menu, scene selection, audio tracks,...).

2/ move to your favorite LINUX pc and lauch VLC. Open the dvd drive, read perfectly like DVD625.

3/ copy your dvd VIDEO_TS structure to your hardisk, with k9copy or whatever you want.

4/ lauch one more time VLC and open that VIDEO_TS directory. Ok, same as before. Reads ok.

5/ copy VIDEO_TS to your network server (DNLA) and to your usb disk drive.

6/ move to your 32pfl7605, firmware 140.046.000

7/ browse your network server, find the VIDEO_TS, find .vob files. The TV is completly lost.

8/ plug in your usb drive

8a/ browse again to VIDEO_TS and try. Nothing. (remember VLC point 4).

8b/ try a .VOB file and MIRACLE, it reads. Unbelievable. Oh it's far far far from DVD625. No menu, no sound track selection. But it reads. Wait... Yes it reads in sequence .vob files. Super. Keep reading and wait, what do I ear ? What langage is this ? THE TV JUST SWITCHED FROM FRENCH TO ENGLISH AUDIO TRACK !

your challenge feature for 2012
- handle VIDEO_TS like any dvd reader

and because you will never do that

your challenge bug fixes for 2012:
- not selecting randomly sound tracks at each chapter change.
- not read or reject a file depending on its source.

Happy new year TPV/Philips ! Start from scratch a real opensource software.