I am new to this forum and say "hello" to you all.

I just bought an 42PFL7456K last week and in its product description in the section "smart tv" there is noted,
that usb keyboard and mouse is supported. I want to use that for NET TV and that point was one of some reasons for buying that TV.

I bought a keysonic mini keyboard (with integrated trackball) connected it to one of the two USB-Ports and...nothing happened.
When I connect the Wireless receiver for the keyboard (can be used via cable or via wireless) there shows a message "device connected that is not suported!"
I didn't find any possible configuration or something like that. Inside the online help I also didn't get any information about connecting keyboards to my Philips TV.
Is there a sort of supported keyboard list? Does Philips offer a special keyboard/mouse combo or am I doing something wrong?

Actual firmware ( has been installed sucessful via usb.

Thank you for your answer(s).

Cheers Matthias