Iam sorry to tell you that philips yes cheats on there customer

here is the release document :

The MKV Container does not contain any limitation , you just wrote that the MKV container is supported . nothing about that MKV with DTS will not run or MKV with AC3 will run .

For me , not giving all the information to the customer is cheating .

BTW even the dealer , when i called them and told them about the DTS , AC3 issue , he was shocked.

Please take responsibility for your customers and release firmware that contain fix for DTS , i paid a lot of money for this TV which i could buy another TV that do the JOB.

In my case iam telling you , if i don't get this fix iam going to court with this , this is fooling customers , even your dealer didn't know this gap .

I will say it again , Shame on you , such a large company like philips do such things.