Hi,I want to ask the developers of the TV firmware if they can allow me to be able to watch 3D movies via USB,in other resolution then strictly 1920x1080p,for example i have 3D movies in my collection with little bit smaller resolution 1920x816p,and 3D menu on my TV don't allow me to use other options on them,such as,side by side,I need them to link the picture together,I want to know why is Philips so different from other manafacturers,my friend has got LG 3DTV and he can watch movies in smaller resolution,why is that such a problem,if he can read FULL HD 1920x1080p,why the other formats are problem,or if the upgrade of firmware could solve such problem ?,I want enjoy in 3D and i like it,but this bothers me.My Tv is 40PFL5507K/12 and have PTA 508 active glasses,my lastest version of firmware is 0.96