Since I as many others aren't exstatic about the internal speakers I wanted to test some PC speakers with 2.1 on the TV to get some more bass out of it. Connecting was easy enough but I found that the volume level on the jack out do not correspond with the volume on the remote control, only with the level set in the setup menu. Is there a way to get the jacks outlevel to vary with the TVs volume control?

How about the SP/DIF out, will it be effected by the TVs remote volume control or is it too locked by some other setting? I have a few devices and I want all of them connected to the TV, so it's not a good option to have everything passing through an external ampl before going to the TV. I want all sound that's playing on the TV to just pass on to the external amp but still be able to control the volume from the TVs remote.

What's the best route for me to go?

Thanks for your time.