iīve really big problems with my new Philips BDP7600 Blu Ray player connecting to my Twonky DLNA server.
Neither using my LAN connection nor using my WLAN connection Iīm not able to even see my DLNA server.
Most of the time when pressing the OK button on "PC durchsuchen" (which should be someting like "search PC") nothing happens! (really nothing). 1 out of 10 times an empty server list appears with an error message saying "No DLNA server available".

The following devides are able to connect to my DLNA server using the same network (and most of some even using the same LAN cable and router port):
Sony PS3, Philips 26" LCD TV (!), Denon AVR-3310, Denon AVR-3808, LG BX580, Kathrein UFS-922 -> all of them see my Twonky server and are able to play files without any problems using my server.

I tried then two other DLNA servers (tversity and Windows Media Player) -> all devides saw this new servers -> the BDP7600 didnīt.

I can connect to NetTV and can access all content incl. Videos etc. -> network connection works fine with or without cable.

I chatted with the Philips support and they said I should send the player to the Euro-Repair Center in Longuich which I did one week ago. Today I got a parcel back from them but...
...with my old player saying "No problem with the player - everything works fine and as expected"... :-(
Iīm getting crazy... :-(