Hello everybody,

Some strange things happening with my Ariaz after upgrading the software a couple of days ago. some background: I ignored the request to update Songbird, but later accepted the request to upgrade the device software - not sure if that caused problems.

a) the device update took 40 mins, not 10 mins as advised in the pop-up.
b) the update wiped 95% of the content from the device - I don't recall seeing a warning that this would happen.
c) About 30 tracks survived on the device, but only 9 of them show up in Songbird when it reads the device.
d) I tried to reload some tracks. A message soon appeared saying there was not enough space on the device!
e) Songbird graphics showed a timeline bar confirming that the tracks were being transferred, but the tracks never appeared on the device - not according to the panel in Songbird, nor according to the device screen (once disconnected from PC)

Windows Vista Home edition 32 bit.

Is this a case for using the Reset button?

Saludos, Phil