ok, I decided to just buy a PTA516 and see what it did with my 46PFL9705, giving this 3D thing one more chance.
I had not used 3D in months, being disappointed with its quality (unwatchable ghosting), and my 2 PTA03's were in a drawer for the past 6 months or so gathering dust.
My daughter and me watched several 3D satellite channels, youtube side by side and a 3d movie (from a PS3). we were swapping the old PTA03 and PTA516 between us to see if we noticed a difference.

Well, what I remember - extreme ghosting, we did not get it on both the PTA03 and PTA516, the quality appeared the same - we did get some mild ghosting in some scenes that was the same on both glasses, but overall the quality was the same. Philips must have changed something in the updates (we're on the .39 release) in the last 6 months or so.

The PTA516 is a lot more comfortable to wear, even for me wearing my -3 glasses at the same time. They are also rechargeable, and look a lot better. So if you don't have glasses yet, I would recommend these vs the previous PTA03's. If you have PTA03's today, and your 3D looks like crap to you, Do not expect it to change.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised 3D worked well with both old and new glasses, and the PTA516 is rechargeable using a micro USB cable. Don't expect any miracle changes in 3D quality though.