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Typical. Their (well meant) action can also be read as a failure to recognise an error in the design of the software.
Yes, that is exactly it.. The only thing that I got out of it was an upgrade of my model. Went from a 86x5 to a 9705 model, so that wasn't a bad deal for me But when this model had got exactly the same problem, then I knew that Philips Support didn't know what they must do to fix it
I was hoping that other people (e.g. software developers) from Philips are reading these forums and know what is going on, so that there is a good chance that it will be fixed in the future. I try to explain several times to Philips support that it is a software related issue, but they didn't want to recognize that, they only want to replace hardware.. I think they always thought that this would solve any issue's .
Also as this topic describes, I am not alone on this issue.. there are allot more people who experience problems with Popcorn Hour mediaplayers so hopefully this will help to get this bug fixed