Hello Gary, hello smart,

I have read in the product feedback of amazon germany, that there is a break between titles while playing via DLNA. Is this really the case?
Well, if you mean this review http://www.amazon.de/review/R22X4UUI...R22X4UUIHXN2IV, then i am the author of it.

I also wrote my experiences in the other Philips forum "Streamium Cafe" http://www.streamiumcafe.com/vBullet...ad.php?t=23339, but it seems that only here the "officials" do answer.

Besides of some other nasty problems, the gap between titles is the worst experience with the NP3500 - for me. Of course, others may focus on other features. but i have bought the NP3500 for one reason: to archive all of my CDs on a digital storage and to play them on my existing surround sound system in my living room. For archivation, i have used the lossless FLAC file format and for storage, i use a Synology NAS (with actual firmware) with a certified DLNA server. Of course, i do not have to tell Philips anything about DLNA, because i know that this standard was co-developed by Philips.

My standpoint: what i expect is, that a digital 1:1 copy sounds like the original (that is what a lossless format provides). And the original CDs do not have a gap between the tracks (again, i do not need to tell Philips that a CD does not have gaps between the tracks, because Philips is also co-inventor of the CD).

There will be a short gap between tracks but this should not be more than a few seconds as I see has been discussed. The reason for the short pause is the player needs to locate and buffer the next content for playback.
I have also mentioned that already in an additional comment in my Stremium Cafe thread.

As you rightly mentioned this is to ensure smooth playback without any unwanted interference and lag. As the tracks are stored on your computer as individual files each one will need buffering before playback.
Well, in my case, the files are stored on a RAID secured NAS, which of course is a computer. I just do not want to boot my workstation every time when i want to hear some music. But i can repeat, what i wrote earlier: Instead of stopping music and then start downloading the next song, your software just could start downloading the next song earlier during the last seconds of a track.

And this is not uncommon, i mentioned a software that already does this very well - without gaps.

We would like to thank you for your valued feedback and we will look into whether we can reduce this gap in the future but cannot guarantee anything at present.
Sure. But don't think about reducing it, think about eliminating it.

Amazon reviews are very often read before purchase. And they can be changed. And i promise, i will change it if i have a good reason to do it.

Greetings, Simon