My family purchased the HTS3371 5.1 Home Theater system this year, and after about a month of use it no longer powers on. When plugged in, it hums so it's doing something on the inside, but the standby light does not come on, the display does not show anything, and it is unresponsive to any buttons or controls.

The odd thing was that I had had it unplugged for a few weeks after it stopped working but the other night I figured I'd try again. So I plugged it in and after about 10 minutes of unresponsive humming the standby light came on. I hit the power button on the remote control and the light turned off. After about another 10 minutes of nothing the display turned on and I was able to use the system as normal. HOWEVER, the next day when I attempted to bring it out of standby the light turned off and it did nothing. No sound came out of the speakers, it still hummed internally when I listened close, but I have not been able to power it on for the last 2 days.

I really need to get this problem fixed ASAP as I am a basement studio producer and use this system to listen to my mixes in surround