Hello, I've had this Philips GoGear Spark 4 GB for about 1 to 2 years now and it's been quite good, although charging has been glitchy once in a while.
Unfortunately, today it started being unresponsive to the startup button. I CAN make it start by putting it in the computer and "charging" it (I don't think there's any real connection, as the computer doesn't seem to know anything about the device being connected) and then unplugging it from the computer, making it auto-startup.
Thing is that, even then, it freezes as soon as it reaches the Philips logo, never continuing to the Gogear Logo or any useful function.
I've already tried the Reset button, that did nothing, and since the computer doesn't seem to know that the device it plugged in, the Device Manager does nothing.

Please, this is my only source of music for at least the next year.. I can't just buy a new one, because I'll be abroad for the next year and can't reach my music collection.

Thank you,