I have tried to sent the issue via mail to the Philips Info Center, but I think they try to buy time with questions that are not relevant for the problem - "Have you tried the Scart Connector?

The problem seems to be the same as for the older 2010 5000 series - "Intermittent sound lost while a connected device via HDMI"

I have a Dreambox 500 HD and a WD Elements Play Mediaplayer both connected via HDMI. With both devices there are sporadically no Sound - complete silence - problems for about one second and that from once per hour to once per some minutes. I use the internal speakers - quite simply a TV Set with two connected devices. The same devices with the same cables have worked perfectly for more then a year with another brand of TV-Set.

I bought the TV-Set at amazon and in the meantime I have read in the Revievs that three out of six users have exactly the same problems. The three users without this problem have no connected devices (;-)

Now the question is - is Philips working on this issue an how long have I to wait for a fix? For the old series it took over a year to fix this problem - from the initial release 03-2010 to the fix in 04-2011. If I have to wait that time, it would be better to bring the TV-Set back to amazon an choose another brand!