I have philips 42pfl7606H/12 and I encounter problems with .TS playback through the network ( and USB)

when I play a .ts file or mpeg2-ts stream, the playback is jerking first 30--40 seconds ( audio and video) ,
then it plays fine, this is not a network issue, on my WD-TV-live/XBMC-xbox1/PC&VLC everything plays without interrupting.

but when the playback is stopped ( by BACK or STOP button) and another file/stream is started ( also mpeg2-ts),
the screen goes black, and nothing happens, if TV is left like that for couple of minutes it jumps
back to the TV-mode. In the logs of my DLNA server I see that TV starts reading the file, but stops after 10 seconds
or so.

so only sollution is to switch tv off and on.

update: starting a file/stream with other than mpeg2-ts format also helps, and mpeg2-ts file can now be started,
but again only once.

mpeg2-ts files and streams are either recordings or live-tv-streams ( SD and HD) from sattelite receiver, (hts-headend.)
and work fine in VLC/WDTV-live/netgearEva2000/Mpegplay/XBMC. I use Mediatomb as a DLNA server.

and One more thing: when playing a file/stream on tv's mediaplayer, more information should displayed about type
of codecs/resolution/bitrate, etc. and not only the duration of playback. any mediaplayer starting from 1999 can
display that information.