Update: streams streamed/recorded with hts-tvheadend are played fine, and not only once. for example files: 20.ts and rtvnh.ts ( see above ) are played with q5551- , only streams do have problem, that they jerk first 30 seconds when starting and then continue normally. Only after watching tv-streams through DLNA, switching back to TV-watch-mode results in image and audio jerking alot like if there is some serious distortion in the dvb-t signal, going to standby and back on, fixes the problem.

streams/recording made by mumudvb are not playing ( file bla.ts ) not through DLNA and not through USB, screen stays black and reboot of tv is needed to get it back to TV-mode.

I found another issue, when watching tv-stream for > 1 hour, tv goes in to standby by itself.
information about file/stream is really not acceptable. Nothing is reported at all, even the total length is not reported, and it is not possible to switch audio streams.