hi !
first, sorry for my English.

I´m live in Mexico, the last weekend,i buy a 46PFL7705D/F7, i expected from Net TV, i´ve connected TV to my router and tested, all right.
But i was worried because only three apps found it on Net TV: Netflix, vTuner and Twitter. Netflix say me that for this time, the device does not support streaming, but vTuner (radio) and Twitter works fine.

I called to customer services in México, and asked why only three apps, where i can install more apps... and just tell me that upgrade "the software" :-)
Ok, fine, from TV Menu click setup - software update- updates - network... and display: Current software in your TV is a newer version". :-(

So, i download the driver from philips support homepage, plug usb...... and TV display: Current software in your TV is a newer version. :-(

Ok, i understand, i´ve the newer version.. and customer services just tell me that "install software".

Please, i need help !