I have ripped all my legally bought DVD's to a NAS as ISO and as DVD structure (VIDEO_TS). When I browse to a VIDEO_TS map (via Open PC, or "PC openen" since i'm dutch) I expected that I could select an VTS_01_0.IFO and that a DVD menu would appear just like when inserting a DVD in a DVD player. But unfortunately it does not show a DVD menu.

Selecting a .VOB file does work but I can't select the audio stream and subtitle stream.

Some .VOB files do stutter. Every second it freezes for a couple of milliseconds.

I also have no luck playing mkv files.

Model: 32PFL9606H/12
Firmware: Q5551-

Can someone help me on this?

For philips: will this be solved in future releases of the TV firmware? That I can play backed-up DVD/BR via DLNA?

Kind regards,