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    PFD7606 and DTS


    I bought the 55" 7606, and to my big surprise it does not support DTS over HDMI, not even using the ARC to pass the DTS signal to my amplifier.
    First, let me say that I inquired about playing MKV files, and was informed that that would not be a problem.

    Further, the manual of the TV, which was consulted on-line before procuring the TV did not mention this restriction, actually I can't even find a table with supported formats.

    I am really stunned that Philips puts a TV in the market, which does not support a very common audio format, which is by default supported by other brands (such as Samsung) in TV sets which cost a third of the price.

    The least that should be done is to allow the DTS signal to be transferred to the ARC. The solution recommended by Philips assumes that the source device has a coax or optical output (Is that always true?). On a second note, the TV also will not play DTS videos from a DLNA server. Please explain how I can connect a optical or coax cable from a DLNA server to the TV?

    Yes, I can recode all my DVD recordings to Dolby Digital over AAC, this takes only 4 hours per movie and is another unacceptable workaround.

    So, is Philips planning to at least come up to par with its competition (and live up to its reputation), and allow DTS signals to be transferred to my amp over HDMI ARC?

    I would just add that playing MKV DTS files over DLNA is a common practice, and the fact that Philips has "hidden" the fact that this TV does not support it.

    Putting a statement in the FAQ only "helps" people who bought the TV-set, and were confronted with the problem. No one reads the FAQ of the TV-set while he is in the store buying one.

    kind regards,
    and hoping Philips will provide a software update to solve this issue.
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